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Bringing humanity to history ... one letter at a time.

Welcome to Letters Aloud,

—  a captivating odyssey across time and place. Since 2014, we have traveled the country, sharing the powerful and intimate letters of individuals who have left their mark on history. With a power to evoke both laughter and deep emotion, these letters serve as a testament to humanity's extraordinary ability to unearth hope, purpose, and happiness amidst life's challenges. Join us as we celebrate the enduring spirit of connection through this almost lost art of personal correspondence.

Woman speaking in a mic on stage


Real Letters. Real People. Read Aloud.

Public performances across the USA. 

Man speaking in a mic on stage


BE THE CHANGE: a sincerely cool school assembly

A powerful reminder that writing one single letter can change the world.


What Audiences Have To Say

“Last night’s presentation was the best hour of thought-provoking entertainment I’ve had in a long time. I feel honored that you included me."
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